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Grethe Jensen is a contemporary artist/instructor whose work is abstracted, rich in colour, and approached in the spirit of exploration and experimentation. While always interested in art, her life as an artist followed an earlier life as a corporate trainer. Her arts education has been self-directed, non-structured and intense, including numerous workshops and classes with different instructors. She is dedicated to a full-time studio practice, and is living proof that there is nothing like “Just Doing It!” to enhance learning and growing. Her award winning work is held in collections in Canada, the US and Europe.

Grethe Jensen

Grethe Jensen
Fine Artist


How long have you been involved in the Beach Studio Tour?

This will be my 4th tour.

If you could sit down and chat with one artist (living or dead) who would it be?

Vincent Van Gogh. We will never know what he could have accomplished, if only his life had not been cut short.

What’s your favourite Beach Studio Tour memory or story?

Here is a story about an interesting gentleman who came to visit my studio last year. He was visiting Toronto from England, and was doing a day-long walking tour around our city. He had walked all the way from downtown TO (at least 10 km) when he saw our “studio tour” signage and dropped into my studio. He was about ready to call it a day. He had seen and ridden our legendary streetcars during his visit, and decided that he wanted one of my smaller streetcar paintings to take back to England with him. We then guided him on where he could catch the 501 to return to his downtown location.

Grethe Jensen

Location 13

254 Blantyre Avenue
Toronto, ON M1N 2S1