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Heidi Burkhardt has been painting in plein air on road trips around our glorious country’s wilderness for decades. Starting at a young age, from that venerable tradition of Canadian landscape painting. she has established her own style of working using oil sticks on location to get a spontaneous response to the never-ending variety of exciting landforms. This linear medium has kinship with the lino- and woodcuts she also feels compelled to make, inspired by the drama of textures that meet the roving eye.
Heidi’s grand landscapes hang in the Legislative Buildings of the Government of Ontario, and in many corporate and private collections, both locally and internationally.

She is a reputable member of the Canadian Society of Water Colour Painters, the Ontario Society of Artists, and the Arts & Letters Club of Toronto.

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Heidi Burkhardt
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Heidi Burkhardt
Heidi Burkhardt
Heidi Burkhardt

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