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Nathalie Vachon

Jocelyn Allen

Wearable Art


Jocelyn was surrounded by “the smell of paint” from birth; her paternal grandmother, Margaret Allen, who ran a very successful gallery in Unionville, was a painter who studied with Fred Varley, Group of Seven, in Unionville. From an early age, Jocelyn posed for artists there, and of course was inspired by their work; with them, she explored many mediums, such as painting (watercolour being her favourite), batik, sculpture, embroidery, crochet, and calligraphy. At the age of 53, and now an award-winning artist, she is focused on upcycling textiles into Wearable Art as she is now more environmentally concerned about HOW she makes art over WHAT she creates. She is still asking questions and exploring various art mediums, but as she “becomes more interesting in age,” she is finding the study of the artists themselves, and how and why they do what they do, her finest moments.

To see more of her work, please visit her website www.byjocelynallen.com
Instagram: @byjocelynallen
Facebook: @wearableartbyjocelynallen
Twitter: @byjocelynallen

Nathalie Vachon

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