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Nathalie Vachon

Julia Spittel

Glass Artisan


I didn’t choose art, It chose me. I am glad it did because it has enriched my life immeasurably! Art quiets and centres me and connects me to my world.

My glasswork today is the result of a lifelong evolution of experience with a variety of media but has always been inspired by nature. After years of jewellery making, photography and functional pottery, I now make pendant landscapes in glass and fire them in my potter’s kiln!

I love that my glass is completed by wonderful clients who respond to its colours or landscape imagery reminding them of special places. I especially like when “my pieces find their humans” and I get to witness that moment when a person recognizes her own beauty. That is powerful.

Nathalie Vachon

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51 Brookmount Road
Toronto, ON, M4L 3N3