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Pam Mayhew is a Canadian artist known for her lively abstractions that feature bold, gestural brushstrokes and a joyful palette. Current works allude to land and waterscapes of Ontario while abstracting the image to allow the viewer room to interpret the compositions according to their own life experiences.

Pam grew up in Ottawa with a family of artists and art collectors. Life in a creative household nurtured her talent and appreciation for art and design, while summers spent in sunny Okanagan, B.C. cultivated appreciation for the light, colour, and beauty of the Canadian landscape. While there, Pam experienced a powerful sense of ‘place’ that she strives to convey in her work.

Mayhew’s studies include the University of Ottawa (BFA Painting and Art History), University of Victoria (MA Art Education), and formal interior design training at the International Academy of Design (Toronto) and Sotheby’s, (London). During her training, she studied under one of Canada’s most important painters, Kenneth Lochhead, OC,  with inspiration from acclaimed Quebec abstractionists Yves Gaucher and Charles Gagnon.

Pam Mayhew
Fine Artist


Location 12

45 Brookmount Road
Toronto, ON M4L 3N3