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Roderik Mayne is an art director and production designer in film and television.  He has worked on such films as That Beautiful Somewhere, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, .45, Solo, and television projects including Jeff Ltd, Street Time, Dear America (anthology series), Due South, Wind at My Back, Robocop, Riverdale, The Campbells, Night Heat, and Goosebumps. Rod holds a master’s degree in fine arts from Carnegie-Mellon University, a BFA from Concordia University, and a BA in anthropology from McGill University.  He enjoys doing figurative work and landscape in both watercolour and oils, especially plein air oil paintings.

Roderik Mayne
Roderik Mayne
Fine Artist


Location 9

The Gardener’s Cottage
30 Lee Avenue
Toronto, ON M4E 2N9