Beach Studio Tour

I am an artist and fine art photographer living and working in Ontario. I work primarily in my studio here in the Beach neighbourhood on Lake Ontario, but also in studios in Port Dover on Lake Erie, and in the town of Gulfport on the Gulf of Mexico. These large bodies of water are what inspire my work. They produce a unique light that spills over into everything around it. Everything in nature becomes saturated with colour when that light touches it, and I try to express that in my paintings and photography. 

I work in a wide variety of media. My focus lately has been on pastel painting, using blending and smudging techniques to capture atmosphere. And I’ve been working with acrylic paint, pushing its expressive boundaries with unusual techniques like pours and splatters, at times combining these techniques with my photography. Acrylic paints form the basis for my paint skin jewellery, tiny wearable works of art, which I will be featuring at this year’s tour.

Sandi Stahlbrand
Fine Artist / Photographer


Location 7

63 Scarboro Beach Blvd
Toronto, ON M4E 2W9