I was born and raised in Hungary, received my diploma in biology at ELTE University in Budapest. I came to Canada with my family in 1989, and worked in the Mount Sinai Hospital Research Institute until my new passion took over biology.

I am a self taught fulltime ceramic artist since 1997.

My inspiration comes from architecture, nature, all things living.

Perhaps it is my strong inheritance from my past profession that makes the human form, nature and behaviour most intriguing to me.  I strive to bring the gestures of human connections and relationships to life in my work.

Animals are equally exciting to sculpt. Besides their anatomy I try to learn more about their way of life, social structure, behaviour and build some of those features into my narrative pieces.

As a biologist, environmental issues were always close to my heart, becoming an artist made it easier for me to express my concerns in a different way.

I can not tell you how pleasing is to finish a piece that somewhat reflects my thoughts and it is even more satisfying to share it with an appreciative viewer.

Zsuzsa Monostory

Zsuzsa Monostory
Sculptor/Ceramic Artist


Zsuzsa Monostory
Zsuzsa Monostory
Zsuzsa Monostory
Zsuzsa Monostory

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