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Sandi Stahlbrand is a Toronto-based artist. Her work is inspired by the play of light in the natural world, at times pulling the tangible toward abstraction. Inspired by the unique light created by large bodies of water, Sandi has been exploring the effect of that light in nature. She works from her home in the Beach neighbourhood on Lake Ontario, as well as her part-time homes on Lake Erie and on the Gulf of Mexico. Sandi works in a variety of media, from pastels and pencils, to acrylics and watercolours, mixed media and photography.

Studies include an Honours BFA from Concordia University and a DEC in Creative Arts from Marianopolis College, as well as courses at OCAD, Toronto School of Art, and the Lake Erie Art Academy. An award-winning artist, Sandi has exhibited at several venues around Ontario.

Sandi Stahlbrand
Fine Artist / Photographer


Location 7

63 Scarboro Beach Blvd
Toronto, ON M4E 2W9