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Art is a life force Sue can’t imagine living without. After her studies in graphic design and fine art, glass stoked her creative fire. Sue has been a glass artist for 28 years, with a leaning towards contemporary and mission-style work. In recent years, she also discovered a passion for abstract watercolour.

Sue makes art for the joy, challenge, exploration and therapy. She loves everything about the process – from the “lost experiments” to the remarkable community of open-hearted fellow explorers it connects her with. What began as art therapy for Sue has since become an addiction. She freely admits to having endless “’starts” in her repertory. Showing her art, she says, forces the finishing!

Nathalie Vachon
Susan Ward
Fine Art and Stained Glass


Nathalie Vachon

Location 1

43 Robbins Avenue
Toronto, ON M4L 1X1