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Allow some beauty and art into your life while supporting local Beach Artists.  Click on an artist and you will be taken to their Fall Art Tour page displaying three pieces of their work along with their contact information. The Artists pages also provide a link to their website to see more of their work.

Covid Precautions

In respect for our artists and other visitors, we ask that you refrain from visiting the tour if you have suspected or confirmed Covid symptoms.

    Thank you for supporting Beach Artists.

    Susan Aaron

    #1  47 Spruce Hill Rd.

    Susan Aaron - Beach Toronto Artist

    Lisa Bennett

    #8  184 Waverly Rd.

    Lisa Bennett - Beach Toronto Fine Artist

    Rita Benson

    #1  47 Spruce Hill Rd.

    Rita Benson - Toronto Fibre Artist

    Heidi Burkhardt

    #9  93 Norway Ave.

    Robin Cassady-Cain

    #10   24 Herbert Ave.

    Rita Benson - Toronto Goldsmith

    Shelley Cinnamon

    #6  5 Leuty Ave.

    Shelley Cinnamon Toronto Fine Artist

    Lucille Crighton

    #2  92 Balsam Ave.

    Lucille Crighton - White Black Handwoven

    Ruth Hayes

    #4  17 Fernwood Ave.

    Ruth Hayes Watercolour artist Toronto

    Carolina Reis

    #10   24 Herbert Ave.

    Carolina Reis

    Dianne Shelton

    #3  59 Fernwood Ave.

    It is with regret that we mourn the passing of our long time member Dianne Shelton.
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    Sandi Stahlbrand

    #5  63 Scarboro Beach Blvd.

    Susan Watson-Ellis

    #2  92 Balsam Ave.

    Jenna H Westphal

    #7  34 Kenilworth Ave.

    Jenna Westphal - Toronto Fine Artist
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