Hannah Burkhardt 

Martha Blooms - Susan Ward - original watercolour
Susan Ward - Watercoour and Stained Glass artist

Printmaker and Teacher

Hannah Burkhardt is the daughter of the established landscape painter, artist and award-winning teacher: Heidi Burkhardt. After years of traveling she decided to settle down in her childhood community, the beaches, and follow in the exact footsteps of her mother. Abroad, her practice of drawing from life was a bridge of connection in an ocean of linguistic deficiencies. These artistic adventures and more have brought her on a meandering path all the way to printing. She has spent the last 4 years honing her craft as a printmaker.

She also works as an Life drawing teacher at Rosedale Heights school of the Arts in Toronto. Her work is to bring positivity and energy to the classroom by day and wood chips and inky fingerprints to her art room by night.



Framed print


Equine Dreaming- Original Art


Greeting Card – Lino Block
5″ x 4″

Whirl Away - Watercolour and Ink


Framed Print

8.5 x 11


99 Norway Ave
Toronto, ON
647-806- 8663

Open Hours

May 8: 10am – 6pm
May 9: 11am – 5pm