Jenna H Westphal

Martha Blooms - Susan Ward - original watercolour
Jenna Westphal Encaustic Painter

Oil and Encaustic Painter

Jenna Westphal is an oil and encaustic painter based in the Toronto beaches neighborhood. Her work focuses on merging the elements of realistic oil painting with the organic form of painting with hot wax paint and fire (encaustic), She creates images that are multi layered to give them a dream-like quality.

Jenna works mainly from her local and northern Ontario photographs in which she endeavors to capture the fleetingness of nature and humanities relationship with it.

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triptych - Jenna Westphal

Triptych 3 little trees

13″x 24″ 4×24
$700 or $250 each

Jenna Westphal - Deep Blue

Deep Blue

4″ x 24″

Jenna Westphal - Raven


6″ x 24″


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