Sandi Stahlbrand

Sandi Stahlbrand - BST 2021- Acrylic painting
Susan Ward - Watercoour and Stained Glass artist

Painter and Photographer


Sandi Stahlbrand earned an Honours Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Concordia University and a DEC in Creative Arts from Marianopolis College. She then went on to careers in other creative fields in the performing arts and interior design, as well as teaching English and Pilates. Four years ago she returned to the visual arts, her first love, and has been busy at her easel ever since.

Originally from Montreal, Sandi is a long time Beach resident. Walking along that shoreline every day provides endless inspiration from the ever-changing face of Lake Ontario. Travels, in particular to the shores of Lake Erie, the Gulf of Mexico, and the south of England, also stimulate her creativity.

Sandi works mainly with acrylic paints and pastels, and also uses photography as her canvas, sometimes combining mediums. She draws her inspiration from water, and the way light plays upon it and around it. Her paintings and photographs explore the impact of that unique light and how it can move the tangible toward the abstract.

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16″ X 20″

Sandi Stahlbrand - Beach Toronto Fine Artist


5″ X 7″

Sandi Stahlbrand - Photography


Photo on Fine Art Paper
12″ x 16″


63 Scarboro Beach Blvd.

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