Sandi Stahlbrand

Sandi Stahlbrand
Susan Ward - Watercoour and Stained Glass artist

Painter and Photographer

Sandi paints light, big juicy splashes of light crashing across the surface of an open lake, tiny keyholes of light squeezing through cracks in the clouds, soft gooey light grazing along the edge of a puddle. Light, and especially the light that trips across and around water, is her inspiration. Her art explores the impact of that unique light, as colour morphs and tangible becomes abstract. A long time Beach resident, Sandi finds inspiration every day from the freshwater sea at the bottom of the street.

Sandi works mainly with acrylic paints and pastels, and also uses photography as her canvas, sometimes combining mediums. Her artwork also includes paint skin jewellery, tiny sea-inspired creations that are wearable original works of art.

 Sandi carries an Honours BFA from Concordia University and a DEC in Creative Arts from Marianopolis College in Montreal. She studied both photography and design at George Brown College in Toronto.

You can see her work at

Sandi Stahlbrand
Sandi Stahlbrand
Sandi Stahlbrand - Photography


63 Scarboro Beach Blvd.